29 April 2008

What a difference a day makes.

This post should make a pleasant change as I feel 'habby' and flowery, hence the photo of blossom which sort of reflects my mood (though thanks Blogger for NOT letting me move it further down the post!) For once, I refuse to moan which will be a blessed relief to those of you who regularly dip into either this blog about my business or my other blog about our family life (Poltisko Memoirs). Lately has been a rather turbulant time of broken cars and much expense and skin of teeth financially speaking - just filling in any newcomers - thus making my blogging space a place for off-loading and well, whingeing quite frankly. Not today however, not today; no, today I am 'Mrs Very Important and Far too Full of Herself for Her Own Good' of Cornwall. You see, one or two nice things have happened (about time too) and I wish to share them with you...

First up for your consideration is the phone call I received on Monday afternoon, a call which I thought was from a friend who needed a lift with her children to collect her car from the garage - huh, cars...who needs them? (well, me actually) - anyway, I thought the ringing of said phone heralded said friend reminding me of my promise of help, yet the voice on the other end was unfamiliar:

"Hello, may I speak to Pipany please?"
Vacant pause from yours truly
"Hello, who's this?" says I.
Unfamiliar voice asks uncertainly, " er, who am I speaking to please?"
"Pipany," in tones of slight annoyance.
"Oh, hello Pipany; this is Emma from Marie Claire Magazine. I've just seen your showroom on Not on the High Street and went to look at your website. I really like your stuff and think you would fit in really well with our advertising campaign here at Marie Claire."

Well, I picked myself up off the floor and tried to sound professional as we discussed the ins and outs of media and marketing and international publication...as you do. Now, I am not stupid and am aware that this lady, my new best friend Emma, was trying to sell advertising space BUt - and for me it is a very big but - she liked my stuff enough to check out my website and 'phone me!!! Out of all those other people on the NOTHS site, she noticed my dear little products, my Babbits and mop caps and bags and sachets; let's just say something finally made Pipany beam a great big smile and for that alone I love Emma of Marie Claire Magazine.

So, there I am trying to inform Dave of this frankly small but lovely nonetheless saga when he interrupts to tell me he noticed I had two emails to open. Off I went to find one from a very lovely and happy customer who had received her parcel of goodies and had mailed to tell me how thrilled she is with her order; I love this side of the business - getting feedback is almost always a really positive thing and makes the whole thing worthwhile for me. The next email was from NOTHS to inform me that Wedding Magazine had requested my embroidered lavender sachets for a photo shoot for their Aug/Sept publication!!! I was almost on the ceiling! As was Dave! How many more !!!!!s can I use?

So there you are; Pipany is smiling and cares not that Emma from Marie Claire (name dropping) magazine probably rang the entire NOTHS seller list trying to sell space or that my sachets may not end up actually in the magazine in Aug/Sept or may be just a blur in the background. No, all I care about is that I must be doing something right to have been noticed in the first place and for that alone I shall keep on going and trusting my instincts as I have up till now.

Now I really am Far Too Important to chat anymore today and have to bask in my own glory for a while longer before I bump back to Earth with a wallop. Sooo hope that being happy won't jump up and bite me with a bout of things going wrong just to spoil it all (lawks, I sound like my mother now!). Oh, and as a final thing to mention, I am thinking of merging both my blogs together as the business and famil life are so closely related that it seems hard to know which one to write what in sometimes - let me know what you think.

Have a lovely, lovely day everyone

Pipany xx


Faith said...

Your goods are beautifully made Pipany and deserve to be noticed. Congratulations! Imo, keep the two blogs separate... but up to you of course.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Congratulations Pipany much deserved. Having bought a Babbit I know how beautiful your work is and also how well packed it is and how well you look after your customers.

Elizabethd said...

Oh well done Pip!
Your bags would be an asset to any pretty wedding.

Frances said...

Hooray, hooray!

Not only will you be needing assistance with the embroidery, pretty soon you might need some secretarial help! All this attention is so well deserved, Pipany.


KittyB said...

Well done and totally deserved! xx

Milla said...

merge em, to make it easier for you,don't worry abuot us, we read both anyway! Fantastic news, a pick-me-up which is most well deserved and puts such a spring in the step - I feel it FOR you, I really do!

Hannah Velten said...

Lovely news, Pipany. Recognition always does wonders for the soul...

Miaou said...

How fantastic! How great to get the recognition you deserve. And just when you needed a pickmeup too!

elizabethm said...

Wonderful and utterly deserved pipany. hope you have had a celebratory dinner, even if it is only shepherds' pie.
I'd merge them I think but like milla I read them both anyway.

Cowgirl said...

Awesome news, Pip! And so well deserved. Really pleased for you. Merging blogs is good! Maybe it will free up a tiny bit of time for you!



Very well deserved your work is beautiful and has an elegant simplicity about it which is altogether refreshing. How could anyone not like it dear!Big well done!

periwinkle said...

Thats excellent - well done you. ,maybe you should merge them , it might be easier for you.. especially with you being so busy
Lisa x

tillyboo said...

You bask away m'dear ! You should feel very chuffed with yourself

Jane said...

Well done and well deserved - I keep my moany business blog seperate and now don't even really mention it on my other business blog - but that is really because people who want to read about my garden/crafts etc. do not really want to read me ranting on about packaging.
I shall look out for your heart,

JuicyFig said...

wow! I am sooo excited or you! well done you, and what a well deserved boost! and here are a few spare !!!!!!!'s for you to use! ;~)


Tillyboo said...

You bask away flower ! You deserve the recognition and lovely words ... well done you !

And no, not everyone on NOTHS was contacted ... sniff, sniff (wipes tear).

Well done m'dear & let us know developments x

PS : I agree, merge the blogs