7 March 2008

Babbits once more.

Goodness, who would have thought that something as simple as a soft toy called Babbit would be such a nightmare to photograph? I seem to have spent the last few days taking endless pictures of the little thing in a variety of poses and situations so that I can put it on the website; first there ws not enough sun, then there was too much (can there be such a thing?) and all the colour bleached out to leave it looking like a Babbit who had seen better days. Finally I managed to get the photos I was after - I think - and here is the finished version... you can click on the images to enlarge...

First the original picture

and this one which was also shown on my Poltisko Memoirs post

So far, so good but having initially said I would be making a little bag for Babbit containing a hat, shells, etc I was made to do a re-think based on the fact that so many people - both virtual and local - have expressed an interest in buying one for babies. As those of you who read my other post will know, I was making this for Lucy's tenth birthday and was showing it off online! The reaction was truly lovely and Babbit seems to have stolen a few hearts (I have to admit to being more than a little taken with it myself if that's not too big-headed to say!). However, babies and shells don't go, and so I decided to make Babbit a home of her own (may be a boy Babbit - not too sure) which looks like this...

It is made from calico with a calico lining and features an appliqued house. Of course, there was no chance that it wouldn't have a little embroidery on it somewhere - 'Babbit's House' is what I found myself sewing and then it just needed a few flowers either side of the door, some stitching to highlight the walls and the window frames - you know how it is, too much fun to be had!

So there is Babbit and her bag, now available from my website www.pipany.co.uk (blatant advertising but it
is my business blog after all). In fact, I so enjoyed making this one that I am planning a whole range - a little one called Baby Babbit perhaps; a boy one with a stripey top in the best Cornish tradition carrying a bucket and spade called Beach Babbit; hmm, the list seems endless...

Hopping off now (groan!)

Pipany xx

3 March 2008

Well, I don't appear to have written anything on my poor business blog for a while which could suggest that it has all gone down the pan! Thankfully that is definitely not the case, quite the reverse actually, and the reason I have not written for so long is that I have had too many things happening, things started and not able to be completed which makes it a little hard to write about them. I think I am beginning to win through now though and so here I am.

The first task which seems to have taken me an age to sort has been the updating of my pipany website. Dave and I first put this site together throughout last August and I have continued to work on it ever since, uploading photographs, writing copy, etc. During the Christmas period I realised the layout would need changing to allow for an expanding stockline in the New Year. Finally I have managed to complete it - now we are into March! Why did it take so long? Partly because I tried to do it in the evenings when I would be too tired to sew, partly because I am a bit of a fussy so-and-so and spent a lifetime playing with different colours, fonts, layouts...the list is endless. No sooner would I sort on bit and the rest would look tired and off I would go again. Fortunately dear Sam has a great eye for things and would tell me to change things when I was clearly too tired to see the faults (mind you, he was really waiting for me to get off the computer!). Anyhow, it is done and has a much better layout which I am pleased with while still retaining the overall feel of the original including what seems to be a very popular photograph on the welcome page judging by all the comments.

As well as all the work on the site I have been working on things for Easter including these little bags and bunny...

In fact, the bunnies (I did consider calling them Easter Babbits to please Isabella!) are taking over the house - I think the children are taking them off when my back is turned which I suppose confirms I am on the right track in thinking that kids like little things such as this. Each bag has a flowered lining...

...and embroidered front panel and comes complete with one of the bunnies; so far so good as they are already selling well, but oh lor, it has taken an age to get a photograph of them what with bad weather, flat light, too much sun...arghh!!!!

As an alternative to all this Easter activity I have been in touch with several shops who have shown interest in the Ship, ship sailing game and am waiting to hear back from them in regards to possibly placing wholesale orders. Weddings are on the horizon and one or two lovely projects have come up as a result involving dragonflies, lavender and lace, though not all together I might add!

Yes, overall things are going well and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Now off to take some more pictures and load up some more stock onto the website...I wish it would stop raining though!

Pipany xx