15 January 2008

Coming along nicely

Yes, I know you've seen it before but....

At last I am beginning to get back into the swing of things and slowly, slowly new arrivals are appearing on the shelves in my sewing room. I have been working on a range of bags which have a slightly old fashioned feel - my version of the 'vintage' word which doesn't really apply here - with little embroidered motifs and a simple shape to compliment this. The picture above is one of them but I have also made a different version which replaces some of the flowers with a little embroidered script. I'll post of picture of this when it's finished and you can let me know which you prefer. I have always loved to mix words and fabrics together and it seemed the time to go with this; I also love sewing and drawing simple insects - very simple! - and so have been working on combining the two together in a small range of textiles. It's such fun!


Ha!!! Well, that was yesterday and things have been a bit crazy since then - Dave has, ahem, 'misplaced' (LOST) the lead for the camera so for the mo I can't upload any pics onto the computer; he 'thinks' it's at school (along with ALL my lunch boxes - 20 at the last count!!!). Woe betide him if he doesn't bring it back tonight!!!

On another front, I received an email from a lovely lady called Marina who had contacted me before Christmas about wholesale for her shop in Dorset; she was interested in my wallhangings. I heard no more and didn't really give it another thought - it was lovely that she had liked them in the first place. Anyway, yesterday she got back in touch - we negotiated terms, etc and she wants 10 wallhangings and 5 Ship, Ship Sailing Games as an initial order, hopefully with a view to a larger one in the Spring if they do well! How cool is that? I am almost wholesale!!!!

More info hopefully tomorrow and those blooming bag pics too (or else Dear Dave!!!). Apologies in the meantime for the repitition of the above photo.

Pipany xx


Milla said...

wholesale sounds very grand. You can quite get into the swing with that number. How encouraging, and thoroughly well deserved!

Frances said...

Great news, Pipany!
Your creations have certainly left an impression on all of us, so it's no surprise that the lady with the shop felt the same way.

Don't forget to rest those eyes, because I do think you will be doing a lot of embroidery this year.


Zoƫ said...

congratulations on the order - thats wonderful , and must really help boost confidence.

I have a 'I forgot' partner too, it never ceases to amaze me that he remembers where he lives, let alone an errand ... however if its in anyway related to claret and blue, a remarkable transformation occurs!

elizabethm said...

I love these Pipany. And congratulations on more orders. Quite right too.

Elizabethd said...

Well done Pipany! So pleased to hear how your business is growing and spreading.

Exmoorjane said...

Fabulous news about the order.. See, Pipany will go global, just you wait and see.
Dare I say it, but you should approach Coast with those fabby pebble bags.....ssshhh....

Exmoorjane said...

Duh, it's a game - just read back to earlier blogs.....sooooo cute.

saraeden said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ,it would be great to swap stories !

Well done on getting the order , im sure you will get lots more !!

Sara x

Faith said...

Glad the shop lady got back to you - I bet you felt great!

Be interested to see insect ideas - any dragonflies?

Jane said...

Congratulations on your order - well done - I look forward to seeing photos of the bag.
Lots of things get "borrowed" here too.

Cowgirl said...

Yay Pipany!!! That's so cool! I love your stuff - it's the simple almost naivity that appeals so strongly to me.

Be fore-warned that I have tagged you in my blog which I will post later today!!!

No excuses now! Look forward to reading yours!


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