4 January 2008


Happy New Year from Pipany and Matzen!

So here it is, another new year all fresh and bright and bursting with possibilities. I love it, this chance to grasp life by the horns and make it into whatever I want it to be. I always start of with plans and resolutions, never worrying about the fact that maybe some of last year's were not achieved; what does it matter? It is about the idea of change and hope, inspiration and a clean sweep for me. I love the mulling over of things that have annoyed me or that have not come to fruition. How can I improve them or me for that matter? What could I have done differently? I look back at the positive things too - high on that particular list would be the huge leaps in self-confidence which this particular Pipany has made which has had a massive root in the meeting of like-minded people through the wonderful world of blogging. Sharing ideas, hopes, upsets and dreams has meant I finally began to understand that I do have something to offer the world....me! I'm not so bad after all!

So what worked for me last year?
1. I joined an inspirational and wonderful blog site - Purplecoo - and through this met many wonderful people and links to other blogs outside of this site. These blogs inspire me daily and are something which made me start to realise my dreams to have my own business.

2. I began to run said business, set up a website and gave it a shot. The response was immediate and has made me grow in confidence even more.

3. I learnt how to set up and manage two completely different websites, learnt how to take decent photographs (and trust me the ones prior to this were truly awful!) and began to learn the ins and outs of deadlines/packaging/postage/materials not arriving!!!! In other words, I became a fledgling business woman.

4. I re-learnt to trust my instincts and my heartfelt belief that if you want something enough there is ALWAYS a way, just think, think and think again.

And (honest to the last) what didn't work?

1. Promising orders in too short a time - didn't allow for poorly children/ materials not arriving!/ postal strikes...

2. Not allowing enough time for sourcing packaging materials/ trimmings, etc. I cannot believe how much time this eats into and yet it is so important to a small business. Profit margins disappear and the finish of an item can be compromised, something which disheartens me terribly.

3. Planning! I should have set up a yearly planner from the start and followed it rigidly to keep me focussed. Too easy for panic to make me flip from one task to another which panics me more.

With hindsite I made it hard on myself as the site became active very close to Christmas and concentrating on designing and making stock just to get it up and running meant the time spent doing the same for a Christmas range was limited. It also meant this range was much later going onto the site than I had intended. Having said that, I am pleased with how it has gone so far. I sold a lot of Christmas stock, much more that I expected; It is all a learning curve and I am loving the ride.

Now to this year....perhaps I'll just clear away the mess that is my sewing room before I venture my thoughts on that one!

Happy New Year everyone

Pipany xxx


Crystal Jigsaw said...

A Happy new year to you too Pipany. Hoping this year will be prosperous for you.

Crystal xx

Elizabethd said...

Pipany, you will have to be planning for next Christmas round about now!!
So glad the business took off, you have put so much into it.

lampworkbeader said...

Happy New Year Pipany. What a lovely photo. I hope the business continues to prosper.

Frances said...

Hello Pipany, and massive congratulations to you for achieving so much (not just as a brand new company) in 2007.

This leap year just has to be so much more full of possibilities for someone as positive as you are.


LittleBrownDog said...

Happy New Year, Pipany! The way your new business is taking shape has been an inspiration. You've certainly inspired me to dip my toe into the wonderful world of websites (designing them, that is) - here's to a brilliant 2008 for all of us at Purplecoo.

LBD xx

toady said...

Hi Pip,

You should be very very proud of yourself, you're off to a great start.
Here's to an even better 2008.

elizabethm said...

Hi and Happy New Year. You should be very proud of what you have done! I too love reading about others and their lives so here's to another year of blogging and commenting! thanks for your comment on mine. Had a bath with candles and champagne (well ok Cava) last night as the first step towards glamourous Thursdays!

mountainear said...

You'v done fantastically well to be up and running in such a short space of time.

I hope your business goes from strength to strength in 2008 - and you find the time to enjoy your lovely family.

Jane said...

Happy New Year Pipany - I think yu accomplished an enormous amount in the time - just think what you can do starting from now,

Faith said...

Well done Pipany your achievement is impressive and your smile in that photo gorgeous!

Cait O'Connor said...

Your idea of picking out what has worked in 2007 is a great idea. Purplecoo would be on my list too as blogging and meeting so many like-minded souls has certainly changed my life for the better. Thank you for making me look back and (sort of) reminding me of that.
I wish you a happy and successful business-wise New Year. You are really talented.
PS I was not such a Scrooge when I had young children in the home but I could never make anything even if I would like to!
PPS I am flattered you want to pin up my Concerning list, hope it helps you and me.

PPPS Great photo.