26 November 2007

A bit quakers?

I love my life, but there are times when I think I must be slightly insane. Here is today's list of jobs relayed to you in no particular order:

1. Put new things onto website, which entails....
2. Re-learning how to do this (Dave did the most of the previous work)
3. Feed ducks and hens and cats.
4. Finish an order for lavender hearts and package/post them off.
5. Complete Christmas Bunting for another lady and post off.
6. Contact some companies about cost of bulk buying boxes for packaging.
7. Email two people re-order enquiries.
8. Mend the tumble dryer ..again!
9. Embroider the names onto a cloth which I have been asked to do as
a last minute present for a local lady who has ordered from me in the
10. Contact a company who has asked for some images of my products in
regards to advertising.

Oh, and then there are the usual...cook dinner for the hungry masses; hear
Lucy read; read bedtime story to Lucy; have chat with Sam to make sure all is
right with his world; washing; hoovering; breathing....

I am not for one moment suggesting I am any busier than anyone else; I'm not. It is more about how we try to fit more and more into our lives, often when they are already full. What is it that drives us on endlessly, I wonder? Speaking for myself, I know I have a personality that likes to be busy. I enjoy on some bizarre level the rush that achieving gives me, even when it sometimes feels the odds are stacked against me (broken tumble dryer? With a family this size? Come on!!!). I also am driven by the never-ending worry of money and the lack of, constantly trying to balance being the mother I want to be against the need to help Dave with the financial support of our family.

Of course, I am also now driven by the need to make my little business work and although it is very new - only actually running since the 4th of September - it is already showing signs of doing well. Feedback has been good and I have many plans for the future, some of which will have to take their place when Isabella is a little older and time is not such an issue - if there ever is such a time!

So, back to the issue of time and the fact that I think time-management plays a huge part in running a business. What can I do to improve my own management? Well, some of the above could be left out I suppose; does the washing matter or can we all wear grubby clothes for a bit? Would it hurt if the ducks waited for their food or could they just grub around for a day or two? Do the children really need me to spend time with them? Should I be on here blogging? And the answer to all these is that of course they all need doing. Dave already more than pulls his weight (how grateful I am for a man who doesn't believe the household/family chores belong only to me) and the children reluctantly do their chores. My own well-being relies on me spending precious time with the kids and therefore that will not change. And blogging helps me to organise my thoughts and clears my head ready for whatever is to come. No, I like the challenges inherent and if I should end up collapsing in a heap, at least I'll know I tried...

anyway, I'm a Capricorn - and Capricorns Never Give Up!!! Now, to the ducks..

Bye for now xx


Casdok said...

Time management is difficult. I write a lot of lists!
Love the heading of this post!!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

You are busy. I imagine you sometimes have time to breathe! Nice to hear your husband shares the chores. My husband, hard working as he is, does in fact think that domestic jobs should be done by me. Just the way he has been brought up, on a farm all his life with a mother who used to do absolutely everything inside the house. We have had our differences on that subject but he always wins! Life is much too short to argue about roles.

Have a great day.
Crystal xx

elizabethm said...

Wow, you are busy! I tend to do the same, accumulating more and more to do and whizzing through it very happily for a while before running out of whizz and needing to idle about for a few days before I get it back. It does sound as though what you are doing is what you want to do which is great! have a lovely week.

Suffolkmum said...

Just come to catch up on this side! I do so empathise with you. I too know that for me to feel happy, my priority has to be spending time with the children, but I also need to earn money. You sound horrendously busy, but you're making a great fist of doing both, and your company will fly, I'm sure. x

Cowgirl said...

Busy busy busy! And just like me you do Lists!!!

Posie Rosie said...

Good for you Pipany, and a lovely 'other' blog into the world of your business.